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A Koopa's Revenge A Koopa's Revenge

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Here comes Constructive Criticism!

Oh.My.GOD! How I hate this game! It's utterly horrible! Let me give a detailed list of explanations why your game sucks in my eyes!
-Your jumps have to be very precise.
-Blocks play such a major role in this, that you MUST have your shell. In the original side scrolling Mario, it was no big deal if you couldn't break blocks or not. Here, your shell is like God's Blessing.
-Having your fire button as the same button as the run button was kind of convenient. Never got me killed, but it's plausible. Your jumps have to be very precise. You're also quite an asshole for just putting flying Yoshi's there, so people think: I must jump on that to get across. But no, you can just Super Jump across, in any form.
-When you try to jump on enemies above you, you either die or lose your upgrade, and then die. Take that stupid bird on level 2 for an example, at the start. If you're below it, you don't have to jump on it, but the reason why it's there is to get jumped on from lower ground. You could actually jump over it if you were on higher ground.
-Since these conveniently located flaws usually kill you in the start, what's the point of "continuing"? Just go to the map screen, reload your game, and start over without losing a life. Utterly stupid.
-In the Thwomps section, you can't actually run past them while they fall. That's right. Then again, they're slow enough, so I'll give you credit for that. Nice job on pissing the shit out of me for that one. I was pretty close to the end.
I couldn't even get past level 2. The ONLY re-deeming aspect of this game is that you put SO many secrets in it, I can actually get by with all of them at my disposal. Not to mention your one up system sucks. Normally, in the original Mario brothers, you could walk BLINDFOLDED, and get a 1 up from the excessive coins. Here, it's just pointless as shit. I used that system once, and ended up in the middle of level 2, no shell, 3 lives. Now refund my 2 hours of life spent. Normally, I can beat any game, but this game just sucks too much for me to actually beat it. I Wanna Be The Guy was okay, but this is worse. It's majorly horrendous. Fix these flaws come back later, and show me a better game.

Dark Cut 3 Dark Cut 3

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

This game deserves some serious grading.

This game has many cons and pros, and I will name many of them. First of all, this game was intended to be "easier" providing that it was with futuristic technology. However, that does not mean the futuristic technology should be harder to handle. Even if you use old fashioned methods of saving people, you should still have to pluck out your tools manually, even if that confused some people. Also, there was NO terror to the game at all. There are no "consequences" for losing. It isn't as tragic seeming as the deaths of Dark Cut 2.

I highly disliked the sedate option, and how it was in the upper right corner. I beat the game without it until I discovered it was there. When I simply sedated once, I beat every surgery, with my super efficient skills obtained from Dark Cut 2, fairly easily. There could probably be more options, and perhaps more surgeries. This was definitely a step up for the "noobs" but I recommend optimizing it for both sections. Also, a lot of the "flashes" in the submarine were HIGHLY irritating while pulling out the pipe. I could not keep focused for the life of me. That was not "hard", merely unfairly irritating.

Brawl Royale Brawl Royale

Rated 4 / 5 stars

A quick, fun thing for mostly everyone.

Not too bad! I got up to the real pirate king Atomsk before getting hit by his guitar. Damn is he fast. The ninja girl kicks ass too. How you owned her is very suggestive indeed. A giant sword right between her legs.
Basically, a good, fun concept, with decent graphics
I like pie. A LOT! Nice collection of weapons you have there.
You could improve by adding other actions, though I don't reccomend it, since it's a quickie.

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Creekwood Forest Creekwood Forest

Rated 3 / 5 stars

A VERY simple game

Not to insult the former glory that the Uber Flash Bros have built up, but this game is very bland to most people's tastes. People prefer your flashes in comparison. Nightmare is probably one of the few exceptions. The James the Zebra series is not working out so well. Most people dislike music based around a nature filled view, and the bomb these days is rock, drum and bass, and video game music, or ambient music.
The next issue is with the game play. It is rather simple and bland. People perfer MMORPGS, which one or two man teams cannot make, unless if they are highly skilled in every aspect, and incredibly swift, and have plenty of cash.
The fadeout, in my opinion, is too slow.
The instructions are not read too often, and the game play type makes it so you can't explain it like in James the Zebra. Also, there is a glitch I have to report. on the second level of the main game, the starting point didn't show up no matter where I looked.

Good luck rebuilding your empire of supporters.

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Mardek Rpg: Chapter 2 Mardek Rpg: Chapter 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Since Pseudo, yes one guy, not a group of guys, is working on his damn Mardek 3 game, I'm here to fill in shit for the idiots who cannot seem to type coherently. I type fairly well [Max record of 120 wpm(words per minute)] The lake hag glitch was interesting...By the way, for the people complaining about text...IT'S FUCKING HELPFUL. I read it cuz it filled me in on the story, and the back story. Mardek is a STORY BASED GAME! That means you want to randomly kill things, but you lack the power to, and are reduced to playing video games to do so. I play for entertainment, not because I'm a violent idiot. For the people complaining about bugs, he's one guy, and he created a lengthy, decent game. Cut him some slack, he's working on 4 projects. The bugs in Mardek 2, Mardek 3, Beast Signer[Pokemonish game?], and Raider[No one gives a fuck]. I've found lotsa bugs, but since this game is awesome, I kept replaying it. And the mine bug glitches are gay...but whatever. Finally, for those of you who CANNOT BEAT A BOSS like the "World's Saviors", I suggest you pay attention to the fucking battle system. Muriance is air type, so he might be weak against Emela's Bubble attack, which you need to level anyways. Have Steele use Fierce Strike, Mardek on healing, and Deugan practice Earth Slash[If you have it], or the regular power strike, and if accuracy is too low, switch to regular attack. For those of you who like it, and are pushing for Mardek 3, LoneWolf[SOCIAL FOX LOL] is busy trying to get fans of Beast Signer to quiet up. He's one guy, so would you rather have Mardek, or NOTHING? Just fucking play, and try to get *SPOILER* Trilobyte Caves [DON'T KILL GOPE], the Zombie Dragon [Easy, but too much HP Pseudo. We want close fights that are semi-short, sorry for being pushy again].
THIS GUIDE CONTAINS INFORMATIVE INFORMATION. If you read this, then you're not a TLDR guy. TLDR guys are fags, unless if it's justified, and no, saying it was too long doesn't justify it. This gives you HELP, and you ignore it, so live on and suffer.[I'm an athiest, and living is the worst torture possible. Death is a GIFT.]

The World's Hardest Game The World's Hardest Game

Rated 4 / 5 stars

This is pretty cool. CONSTUCTIVE CRITISM.

This is rather similar to Starcraft "Bounds", or a variety of reaction game that involves explosions. There are a bunch of squares, where differently timed explosions happen at different intervals, and you must get from location A to location B. Only thing is that the explosions here last. Or are projectiles that move, and if you touch them you die. My advice is to add a level system, so you can skip to levels you have already beaten. Also, this is not impossible. I have made it to level 10, then just quit because the circles were so sensitive. I went onto a square without a circle, then I died from a circle on the side. Make it less sensitive. -LrP-Seridel. I'm surprised UnholyUrine is here.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

A semi-challenging game 2 easy 4 me MAKE IT LONGER

To obtain each medal:
Beat the Game:
Get through the entire game.
Joke's on me:
Complete the level with the crosses in less than 60 seconds
Title Trasher:
Click on the agnry faic in the top right corner, and follow the instructions. My advice is to move your mouse out of the window, then click on settings. Click on yes when it asks about the webcam, and then go above the button outside of the browser, then dart in and click like mad. Follow instructions after that.
Speed Runner:
Beat the game in less than 5 minutes
Teh Trophy:
Get the trophy.
There is a subtle change in your position...You're closer to the door in the second to last area! Go to the left and you'll fall into a weird hallway. Shift over to the door, and claim your trophy. The level afterwards is easy .
Click on the credits button.
Support the Developers:
Click on the link to armorgames in Shift2.
Remember, the CC is a lie, you will never be as awesome!

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Moosh'd Anime Tutorial 2 Moosh'd Anime Tutorial 2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

This has been a learning experience!

I used to have some problems drawing anime, and I had an okayish style(Great in serious non-anime stuff) until I came upon the Moosh'd style. Of course, it was great, and I learned some stuff. Overall, your animation could improve, but that's not very important, and your drawings look great overall. I'd reccomend offering a course in full body drawing, but not until you can advance the Moosh'd Technique. Thanks a lot!

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Particles Particles

Rated 5 / 5 stars


this is an amazing game. the graphics of the balls were pretty good, the style was very unusual, the sound was amazing, no violence, the menus should count as interactivity and humor was getting b- 3 times in a row, and having all the bad messages, like terrible try, or poor performance. overall: an easy to play game that is challenging and fun!

Zelda: The Sacred Passage Zelda: The Sacred Passage

Rated 0 / 5 stars


I will rate this.
Garphics: These were probably stolen. If not, then you get a 7 for doing a great job.
To the huge waffle!
Style: I have no idea.
Sound: I didn't hear much.
Violence: There is no violence
Interactivity: Well, there is pushing a few buttons, so I can call that a bit of interactivity.
Overall: Well, the beginning started with some modification to some scenes, and a nice bit, without a storyline. Then you choose a button.......this is a medieval fantasy game, TLOZ Windwaker. I played it. Nice game. Now the button thing was odd, but you were probably rushing this, and just thought of buttons, instead of more interactivity, of moving the character. I don't blame you. Now the humor was because the disco was unexpected, and made me chuckle once. A bit of an.....anti-climax. I think if your heart beeats, you lose a bit of your life. Tension or surprise can do this. I think that just cost me some of my life.

Improvements: Try some more plotline added into there, or perhaps some more interactivity, between the surroundings. You should also try some more scenes with link doing something, not a few frames with subtitles. This is called animation. Overall: This flash probably needs improvement. If this was your first video, then you'd probably get a 5 overall.....