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I've revised my imagination.

2008-03-08 21:03:13 by guywhospamsalotohyea

You know the stuff about the stories appearing every one or two weeks? Yeah, screw it. I've just made huge choices in this game where I invented the ideas, so I've revised my character's list and forgot about the original's personality. Therefore, I have filler for them, but I'm not bothering to post. I did get a lot better at drawing. How the fuck was I crappy at drawing at age like 8....and not improve until I'm age 11! How stupid is that!?

It''s REALLY weird. And remember, I'm a philosopher, so fuck writing any books.


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2008-04-05 23:15:34


guywhospamsalotohyea responds:

do you have one?


2008-04-17 01:35:38


guywhospamsalotohyea responds:

I bet you're the guy who commented above you.