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Apologizing for whatever inconvience I gave you.

2008-06-25 03:26:59 by guywhospamsalotohyea

If you're reading this, I might've commented that you are a 40 year old virgin that preys upon 8 year old boys. Thank god I'm not 8. There was way more than King Nirnel. What happens to him is that his corpse rots. I said he died =O. But not how. Probably natural causes. I mean, there was even at least 5 wars that I thought of, and the rest of the summary got written. Unfortunately, my editors suggest I don't post something on a site. This is non-profit anyways. Even if I have copyright infringement on my side, the internet is too widespread for the law to govern all of it. Thank you, good night. And I have organized it into paragraphs.


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