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I've been occupied

2008-07-29 01:26:41 by guywhospamsalotohyea

If you actually care to read this stinking HEAP of SHIT, I have been busy, and the reason is because I went on a vacation. After that, I went off to polish my skills at drawing. And that's all I've been doing. I have another story in the works as well, but without a background that has been said yet. I'm also keeping tabs on 3 different sites, so I've been away.

If you want more crap, PM me. I come on every day to obtain my experience points, so I'll be sure to notice. ^^

If you're reading this, I might've commented that you are a 40 year old virgin that preys upon 8 year old boys. Thank god I'm not 8. There was way more than King Nirnel. What happens to him is that his corpse rots. I said he died =O. But not how. Probably natural causes. I mean, there was even at least 5 wars that I thought of, and the rest of the summary got written. Unfortunately, my editors suggest I don't post something on a site. This is non-profit anyways. Even if I have copyright infringement on my side, the internet is too widespread for the law to govern all of it. Thank you, good night. And I have organized it into paragraphs.

You know the stuff about the stories appearing every one or two weeks? Yeah, screw it. I've just made huge choices in this game where I invented the ideas, so I've revised my character's list and forgot about the original's personality. Therefore, I have filler for them, but I'm not bothering to post. I did get a lot better at drawing. How the fuck was I crappy at drawing at age like 8....and not improve until I'm age 11! How stupid is that!?

It''s REALLY weird. And remember, I'm a philosopher, so fuck writing any books.


2008-01-05 01:14:11 by guywhospamsalotohyea

RolePlaying is playing with Legos! But that shouldn't make you think lower of the great Lego toys! You've probably played with them in childhood. Nor should you put down role playing. They're the easier ways to tell a story without having to write it in History 101. And this time, it's free subjects! You can mix your stories with other people's stories, making a great story all combined! Tell me what you think. Also, Legos always change.

And by the way, PSEUDOLONEWOLF is a very good English sir with lots of time on his hands. Respect him? -.- Okay, now time for comments to pour in? Or something. Legofest! Woohoo. And by the way, has anyone played Paper Mario? Tell me about how far you got, and all that stuff. That Quake attack that you get from the stars is really good to me. I got up to Shadow Mario somewhere after Chapter 5, or during it. I got bored. >.<

How was your Christmas? Mine was really crappy...I mean, it's all about giving, and not receiving, so those givers should be hung! I gave a huge amount of good things out, but what I got was...clothes. OMG I CAN JUST GO GET THOSE AT A STORE ANY TIME!!! Plus they weren't even good looking. Reply with what you got for Christmas, and what you thought of it. Also, I didn't even get The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion....=(.


I swear Christmas on '06 was better for me, when I at least got something I wanted that wasn't all clothes.

Christmas was yesterday.

2007-12-26 13:49:23 by guywhospamsalotohyea


Quick News

2007-12-24 15:27:21 by guywhospamsalotohyea

I'm going to make an entry every day, if I can...
Today, I'll starve out of Heaven.
That's the exact opposite of:
Tonight, WE DINE IN Hell. It seriously is. I took every word and reversed it.
And I finally finished reading the first Lotr book. It's very long and boring and filled with descriptions. That's why.

I'm back!

2007-12-23 17:10:58 by guywhospamsalotohyea

I can't find my old '05 account....=(, so I'll stick on this one. I just got on, and am now blaming and saving submissions! Woohoo! I hope I become another regular on Newgrounds again!